BRITS have rated themselves as the worst-behaved country abroad, a recent YouGov survey shows.

Participants from 26 countries were asked how favourably they viewed their fellow natives while on holiday.

Brits were one of only two countries holding a negative view of their compatriots with 57% disapproving of behaviour abroad.

This is compared to Filipinos, 85% of whom rated their overseas citizens positively.

Indians had an 83% self-approval rate, followed by residents of the United Arab Emirates with 82%.

British people also fared badly when the poll asked to select which foreign countries had the worst tourists. 

Almost half of Spaniards polled named Britons as the worst-behaved, with Germany also naming UK citizens as the least loved.

Japan was rated the best-behaved with Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand all naming them top. 

Matt Smith, lead data researcher at YouGov, said: “Of course, the vast majority of British travellers are well-behaved while abroad, but YouGov’s new research shows we’ve still got a way to go if we want to improve our image amongst our European friends.

“With so many thousands Britain’s youngsters temporarily taking our nation’s binge-drinking culture Spanish resorts every summer, it is not surprising to see that Spaniards especially have the most negative view of British tourists.”


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