A BROKEN tooth can break your self confidence. Worn-down gnashers can ruin a good meal out.

But with the aid of new bonding technologies, restoration of several broken teeth is now possible in a one-visit procedure.

Your Hampstead Heaths can be reconstructed through surgery to a natural and functional form that is easier and less-invasive than conventional methods.

How do we do it? Through modern, composite-based materials.

It is our duty to make patients aware of all options, and we will provide a complete and honest explanation of your proposed treatment plan.

Just come and see us for a free consultation. 

Karan Sud.

“My front teeth were badly worn and broken and this was having an adverse affect on my bite.

“I had the front teeth built up by a process used at Karan Sud Dental and am extremely pleased with the result.

“My teeth now look and feel great and my bite has been corrected.”

David Cook

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