PSOE leader and PM Pedro Sanchez

THE PSOE would win a majority of seats if a general election was held tomorrow, a poll has found. 

The party of caretaker prime minister Pedro Sanchez would win 32.2% of the vote, almost four points higher than the 28.68% obtained in April’s snap poll.

According to the CIS survey of over 9,000 Spaniards, the conservative Partido Popular (PP) would come in second but with just 12.8% of the vote, dropping from 16.7% in April.

United Podemos would climb into third place on 9.9% while Ciudadanos, led by Albert Rivera, would fall to fourth on 8.6%.

The far right party Vox would also fail to improve on its April performance, garnering 3.5% of the vote, shedding a third of its previous gains.

The poll was conducted between June 17 and July 16.

It means the answers were given before talks broke down between Sanchez and Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias yet again this week.

Sanchez has until September 23 to form a government.

If he fails, a snap election will be called for November 10.

It would be Spain’s fourth election in as many years.

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