Pedro Sanchez

PEDRO Sanchez has warned Catalunya separatists not to encourage violence ahead of the conclusion of the trial of separatist leaders. 

The prime minister’s call for calm today also comes on the anniversary of the ‘illegal’ independence referendum held on October 1 2017.

Separatist groups are organising a coordinated response to what they widely expect to be an adverse decision by the Supreme Court, which earlier this year tried 12 leaders of the 2017 vote on charges ranging from misuse of public funds to rebellion.

“What we ask of the independence movement is that they don’t play with fire,” Sanchez said in an interview with Cadena Ser radio.

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“We are not a government that wants to exaggerate the situation or contribute to putting more gasoline on a fire that exists in Catalunya and which would be in the interests of the independence movement.”

The warning comes after it was revealed nine members of the Committies to Defend the Republic (CDR) group were arrested last month for building and testing explosive devices and planning to carry out attacks. 

Sanchez added that his government would take away Catalunya’s self governance if necessary.

He also urged leaders of the independence movement to condemn any acts of violence.

The political hot potato remains a sticking point to a coalition with Podemos, the left wing party Sanchez will likely need to form a government after the next snap poll on November 10.

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