HOW does having a Turkish bath, a spa and two bronze Salvador Dali sculptures in your house sound? 

If you have a spare €32 million hiding under your mattress this could all be yours, along with 10 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms and an indoor and outdoor pool. 

The ostentatious Villa Cullinan has gone on sale in Marbella’s luxury housing complex, La Zagaleta. 

EXCLUSIVE: Catering services and sports clubs are part of the package

The exclusive resort also gives the lucky owners private access to two golf courses, an equestrian club and a heliport. 

The 13,485 square metre Villa Cullinan takes its name from the largest diamond ever found in the world. 

The mansion is the largest in Europe in a modern style, according to the real estate company Drumelia, which is marketing the property.

“In Marbella there is nothing like this,” said Katerina Rozenko, Drumelia’s marketing director. 

And the world’s rich and famous are all to aware. The mansion has already attracted considerable interest amongst potential buyers.

“There are very well-known people and even members of royal families [interested],” added Rozenko.

LUXURY: Villa Cullinan is the premium mansion on the exclusive La Zagaleta estate

The house is the most expensive in the swanky La Zagaleta estate, where prices begin at €3 million. 

A grand unveiling of the house, which took place last week, was attended by 300 of society’s richest people, including top dogs from Aston Martin, Bulgari and Ekhi, a company that specialises in chocolates coated in edible gold.

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