Vagina Procession
CONTROVERSIAL: Huge vagina paraded through Sevilla

THREE feminists are facing more than €3,000 in fines and a year in jail each for parading a huge vagina during a procession in Andalucia.

The Criminal Court of Sevilla heard last week how the women erected a two-metre tall plastic vagina upon a wooden board in the regional capital on May 1, 2014.

The Spanish Association of Christian Lawyers (AEAC) has accused the women of a hate crime and of a crime ‘against religious feelings’.

The group said they acted with ‘ideological hatred’, demanding they be sentenced to a year behind bars and fined €3,600 each.

The case was all but dropped in June 2016 when judge Pilar Ordonez Martinez declared that ‘not believing in a religion and publicly showing as such falls under freedom of expression.’

However in April 2017, another court in the city ordered the case be reopened and investigated.

The AEAC said the parade ‘constituted a derision to the holiness and virginity of the Virgin Mary.’

The Feminist procession was organised for May 1 2014 by word of mouth on social media.

Around 100 people joined the march, leaving Plaza del Pumarejo at 11am before finishing at 2.15pm.

Dubbed the ‘Brotherhood of the sacred pussy’, prosecutors also complained that they did not seek proper permission.

The trial continues.

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