I have always said the Spanish are streets ahead when it comes to natural disasters. 

A small percentage on your insurance policy goes to the Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros (CCS), which is a government body covering for extreme events – such as the damage caused by last month’s gota fría.

On these situations, the Consorcio takes control.

This is independent of your insurance provider and, as such, results in no claims against your own policy.

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Be aware, however, you are covered only to the limits you are insured for; if your insurance coverage is for €20,000, you can’t claim contents of €50,000.

Nevertheless, the process can be slow – especially when a large area is designated a ‘disaster zone’ and it takes time for the Consorcio to put everything into place.

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I know, this can be distressing and frustrating – but when you have thousands of claims to resolve, it takes time.

(Please be aware the Consorcio and their assessors will only respond to Spanish telephone numbers.)

When your damaged house is uninhabitable – and maybe never will be – there is an emergency payment available of up to €4,500 from town halls to aid accommodation and reparations. 

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DELAY: One British family in San Fulgencio have been unable to return for a month as insurance assessors are yet to make contact

For this, contact your town hall, complete the forms and hand in the paperwork.

But be aware: each town hall is different. You will encounter problems if you are underinsured, not insured and/ or your IBI is not up to date.

UK-plated cars, though insured in Spain, also do not contribute to the Consorcio, meaning claims revert to your insurance company, where you may not be covered at all.

In my various articles and on my Sound Advice programme, I am always warning about being under-insured.

At times like these you really appreciate what that means. Being with a good insurance company is vital.

The contents amount of your policy should be your choice, but you do need to get it right. 

I always say: check your policy; don’t assume or take someone’s word everything is exactly the same; and don’t go by price alone.

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