A PENSIONER has caused rail chaos after driving his car onto the tracks at Spain’s third-busiest train station.

The 70-year-old accidentally drove 800m down platform 12 at Sevilla’s Santa Justa Station, forcing trains to be delayed.

After getting lost in the dark, the man mistook an emergency vehicle access ramp for the car park.

TEETERING: The man’s car was lifted by crane from the train tracks after he made a wrong turn

Bizarre pictures show the man’s motor – a grey Toyota – teetering over the edge of the platform with two wheels on the track.

He turned off Avenida Kansas City before crossing the tracks at the station at around 5:45am yesterday.

Railway management firm ADIF took the decision to denounce the septuagenarian before his car had even been removed from the tracks.

Old Man Car Train
DENOUNCED: The old man was reported to the police after driving his car onto the tracks

ADIF is now to provide police with a breakdown of expenses after the man’s car was lifted from the platform with a crane.

The staff involved in the operation and the delayed trains will also be factored in to the overall cost.

A Policia Local spokesperson said the ‘car and man were left unharmed’ by the incident.

Opened in 1991, Sevilla’s Santa Justa Station handles 8 million passengers a year.

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