SPAIN is the best country to retire to in Europe, according to a new report. 

Blacktower Financial Management has revealed the best – and worst – European countries for retirees based on cost of living, crime rates, life expectancy, property prices and population age.


The country scored highly for each of these sections without ever beating another country outright, but its average paved the way for it land the top spot overall. 

Retiring Spain
GOLDEN YEARS: Spain is best European country to retire in

Spain has beautiful surroundings, towns, cities, and of course lots of sunshine – which makes it a perfect setting for those approaching their final years. 

Second in the rankings is Finland. The chilled Scandinavian atmosphere and gorgeous magic of the northern lights makes or a great choice for retirees. 

Italy came in third place, a country known for its wines, olive oils and pasta – a winning combination for when you’re past the point of no return and have no problems in packing on some extra pounds.  

The UK featured in 17th place – despite the perception of grey skies and constant rain, the rolling hills of the north are a joy to see, whatever the weather, and the south-west has with it some gorgeous coastline, and opportunity to grab a board and make for the waves – hitting retirement age gives some people a new lease of life.

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