PLANS to demolish a legendary Costa del Sol building have been extended to make way for a new shopping area.

Benalmadena’s famous Marymar building, which has been closed since 2011, is set to be torn down.

Marymar 2
SHUT DOWN: The Marymar has been closed since 2011

The icon, which was a former hotel in its 1960s heyday, was later altered to become a residential home.

In 2018 a part of the nearby promenade had to be closed as the structure was deemed to be at risk of collapse.

But the site’s new plans, which have been agreed by the Unicaja Foundation, include developments from the Bil-Bil Castle to the Sunset Beach area.

ICON: A postcard showing how the Marymar looked in the 1960s

Set out in blueprints is a 4,000 square metre square and a new car park with 210 spaces for beachgoers.

Once the Marymar is removed, large areas of the beach, on which the building currently sits, will  also be recovered.

A total of €12.5 million has been set aside for the works under the European Funds for the Sustainable Urban Development Strategy (EDUSI).

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