A POLICIA Local agent accidentally shot his own daughter in the neck while removing his pistol at home near Valencia city last Tuesday night.

The agent was reportedly placing his regulatory firearm into a safety case to prevent any accidents when the gun went off and struck his 18-year-old daughter at their house in Torrent around 11pm.

The bullet ricocheted off the floor and hit the girl in the neck before she fell unconscious while her father frantically stemmed the haemorrhage with a towel before an ambulance arrived.

The policeman reportedly performed cardio-pulmonary resuscitation on his child while paramedics introduced a breathing tube into her windpipe.

The girl was taken to Hospital La Fe where she was stabilised after two medical interventions.

The policeman – said to have an ‘impeccable record’ with Valencia’s Policía Local – tested positive when subjected to a paraffin examination for gunpowder on his hands.

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