NINE out of ten expats in the northern Costa Blanca choose cremations over burials, according to recent figures.

A study from the Alicante funerary sector found that foreigners in the Marina Alta comarca are far more likely than Spanish nationals to opt for cremations – just 50% of locals choose cremation.

The report said expats were likely to choose the practice in order for their mobile families to ‘keep the remains where they desire’.

Figures showed as many as 25% of expat families immediately decide to return the ashes to the deceased’s country of origin.

Economic reasons were dismissed as contributing to the contrasting figures – cremations in Denia were found to cost €4,000, compared to €4,600 for burials.

The report however conceded that annual taxes for placing a funeral casket in a Spanish cemetery – where caskets are placed in walls – oscillates wildly depending on location.

In Pego, the price is between €300-1,800 with the priciest spots the easiest to reach and place flowers.

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