UNEMPLOYED: Entrepreneurs have trouble finding their feet in the city

Those seeking to be the next Richard Branson or Karen Brady, should avoid the capital of the Costa del Sol.

Half of wannabe entrepreneurs in Malaga are unemployed, new figures from the Municipal Institute for Training and Employment have revealed.

49.7% of men and 49.2% of women who sought advice from the IMFE didn’t have a job.

Aspiring business owners cited not knowing where to start and difficulties obtaining finance as the main obstacles they faced to achieving their dreams.

More worryingly others said they lacked suitable startup ideas. 

The most popular reason for wanting to be an entrepreneur was the opportunity to create your own job. 46.8% of men and 41.5% of women said this was their motive for wanting to become an entrepreneur. 

The average age a person wants to start a business is 36, according to the figures.

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