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TUK TUK AWAY: A new way to see the city

VISITORS to an Andalucian town will be able to take in the main sights from a new electric tuk tuk, launching over the Christmas period. 

The new tuk tuks will take tourists in Huelva on an hour to an hour and a half long tour of the town, accompanied by a tour guide who will reveal the town’s secrets.  

The one hundred per cent green mode of transport will take people on two possible routes past landmarks such as the Church of la Milagrosa, the Gran Teatro and the Plaza del Punto. 

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Huelva’s Department of Tourism, the University of Huelva and company Tuk & Go have come together to offer the novel way of seeing the city. 

Mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, thanked Tuk & Go for its participation in the festive initiative. 

He said: “I am sure that this service will receive a great reception. We hope that after January 8 ‘Tuk & Go’ decide to continue providing it in the city of Huelva.”  

Those wanting to experience this new way of taking in the city can catch a ride four times a day, at 10:30am, 2:00pm, 5:00pm and 9:00pm.  

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