ANDALUCIANS are lazy, Madrileños are clowns and Valencianos are drug addicts.

These are just some of the hilarious – or offending – stereotypes featuring in a new map.

Ivan Ingrado has created a map of emojis, intended to rile up Spain’s 17 autonomous communities.

CONTROVERSIAL: Ivan succeeded in getting a reaction out of his followers

Starting with the capital, Madrid and the use of the clown emoji to describe the politicians. 

The emoji used to describe Andalucia is the one of a sleepy face and one of a bed, suggesting that Andalucians love their siestas and are considered lazy. 

The Spanish flag emoji is used all across Catalunya, in direct contrast to the sentiment of the Catalan people who are very loud in their struggle for independence.

Valencia and the Balearic Islands are described as being drug-infested with the use of the pill emoji. 

In Galicia and Asturias cow emojis can be seen spread across the areas, similar to the stereotype in the UK about Wales and sheep. 

Finally, the author of the tweet then added a comment because he had forgotten the inhabitants of Ceuta and Melilla in North Africa.

To no one’s surprise the emoji used was the one of a Muslim lady.

Do you agree with these stereotypes?

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