A MINOR is facing a fine of up to €750 for throwing oranges at his neighbour’s house in Sevilla. 

The town hall of Isla Mayor was forced to impose the hefty multa on the child after being labelled by police as a ‘repeat offender’.

Officers took up the case after residents complained on November 1 last year that a group of kids were repeatedly splatting the iconic oranges – used to make the British favourite marmalade – against the facade of their property.

The boy was soon caught orange-handed by police and was charged with breaking the local law of Citizen Coexistence and Civility.

The law states that residents must ‘respect and not degrade in any way  public and private goods, facilities or the environment’.

The exact amount of the fine has yet to be decided but can range from €120 to €750.

The fine will have to be paid by the parents given that the offender is a minor.

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