SPAIN’S Maritime Rescue Agency has announced its launch of a rescue mission to search for 67 African migrants of the Costa del Sol.

The people, believed to be sub-Saharan, disappeared as they attempted to reach the Port of Malaga.

A total of 119 migrants were attended to by Spain’s maritime authorities; however one rubber inflatable vessel has been reported missing containing the remaining immigrants.

According to a statement released yesterday, two vessels were intercepted containing 50 and 69 migrants from Africa, including 26 women and five children.

DANGER: Migrants risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean

They are all in good health and are currently being monitored by Spanish medical teams. 

Authorities began the search yesterday once they had determined that a further vessel was missing, but suspended efforts as nightfall hit, before continuing early this morning. 

It is thought that the migrants encountered difficulties in an area known as the Alboran Sea. 

Spain is currently experiencing a spike in African migrants seeking a new life on Spain’s southern coastline.

A record 57,250 recorded at its peak in 2018, according to figures from the International Organization for Migration (OIM).

Migrants’ plight was brought into sharp focus last month, as a mother gave birth on a boat to Spain, but the baby died before they made it ashore.

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