TOURISTS are spending most of their money in supermarkets, a study has announced.

According to the Trade and Territory Office of Valencia’s Chamber of Commerce (PATECO), in the region of Valencia alone, 29.5 million tourists visited in 2019 – a record number for holidaymakers.

This number also included Spaniards who live in other parts of the country.

These 29.5 million tourists collectively spent just over €13.4 billion last year.

Just over €2.1 billion of that went to supermarkets alone, a figure that represents a total of 15.8%.

Out of that €2.1 billion, for every €10, a total of €6 was spent on everyday goods, such as food, drink, toiletries and cleaning products.

According to PATECO the spike in retail sales in the summer, are a good indicator that tourists are splashing their cash in shops, rather than restaurants, bars and museums.

Travellers who are staying in resorts as part of all-inclusive holidays are naturally more likely to spend their money in shops, although that is less likely for those staying in hotels, as they will spend a bigger portion of their budget on eating out.

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