A BRITISH man who went missing in Sotogrande has been found.

Jack Price who had disappeared on Monday has been found in a hospital in Malaga, confused but in a good condition.

His sister, Jemma Price, posted on a group on Facebook called ‘Missing Jack Price’ that he had been found safe.

She wrote: “Please understand he is not well, my phone is going a little crazy with not much sleep and trying to get the right help for him.

“Don’t judge he needs time and we are trying everything we can to get him the right help,” she continued.

The relieved sister, from Hampshire, ended the post by saying: “Much love to everyone that has helped and been there night and day to support me.”

The 30-year-old was last seen around 2am on Monday morning after having gone out with friends to the Hairy Lemon, the Dubliner and the Underclub in Torreguadiaro.

He failed to go into work on Monday and does not own a car so people were unsure of where he could’ve gone.

His friends had managed to get into his apartment and found his cards and passport still there.

It is still unknown what happened to Price and how he ended up at a hospital in Malaga after going missing for more than three days.

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