POLICIA Local agents have shut down the Plaza Mayor shopping centre in Malaga this afternoon as the lock down on the Costa del Sol continues.

Restaurants and shops packed up tables and closed their shutters as staff were told to go home immediately and follow government protocol in self isolation.

Our reporter Dilip Kuner was on hand to witness the shutdown and managed to speak to one of the restaurant workers.

“The police have just told us we have to close because of the coronavirus.
They say it is the ordinance and we have no choice. They are shutting all of plaza mayor.” explained restaurant worker Maria Sanchez, 19.

“It’s a shame we had no notice, but there aren’t any customers to serve anyway. It might have got busier tonight, but that’s probably why they closed us.” Maria added.

As of 6pm, the entire food court had been cordoned off by police and only a handful of smaller stores were open.

Kiwoko, the large pet store retailer also remained open for the sake of the animals that were inside.

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