Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Spain admits it is facing second wave after breaking new weekend record as it registers 31,428 COVID-19 cases

Of particular concern is the incidence of coronavirus, which has now reached a national average of 280 per 100,000 inhabitants

‘Not a single reason’ why Spain’s Andalucia should bring back lockdown-style measures as Junta praises public’s response to COVID-19...

Bendodo said the current figures, which include less than 1,000 in hospital, are a third of the stats seen during the peak of the first wave in March

Spain’s Andalucia sees second-deadliest COVID-19 figures since end of lockdown

According to the Junta, the majority of deaths have been in Malaga, where nine were counted on Monday

Health staff to get pre-Christmas salary hike as a pandemic ‘thanks’ on Spain’s Costa Blanca

HEALTH WORKERS in the Valencian Community will get a pre-Christmas salary rise in recognition of their efforts during the pandemic.

Police stop beach baptism celebration that flouted COVID-19 rules on Spain’s Costa Blanca

POLICE broke up a baptism on an Alicante beach as guest numbers broke COVID-19 rules. Agents were carrying out...

Flu jabs start early to avoid COVID-19 log jam in Spain’s Valencian Community

FLU VACCINATIONS will start on October 5 in the Valencian Community. That's a month earlier than normal to avoid...

Elderly urged to take flu vaccine to avoid healthcare system ‘overload’ on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A region-wide campaign begins on October 5 by appointment only in order to comply with social-distancing regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic

City street disinfection resumes after surge in COVID-19 cases on Spain’s Costa Blanca

ORIHUELA City Council has intensified the disinfection of streets against COVID-19 throughout the municipality. The work stepped up from...

Spain races to contain Madrid’s COVID-19 resurgence as it announces lockdown measures ‘to avoid another state of alarm’

Regional leader Isabel Diaz Ayuso said at a press conference today that police patrols will be stepped up to enforce the new norms

Health minister in Spain’s Murcia region slams lack of discipline over COVID-19 prevention and says Chinese ‘are far better...

RISING COVID-19 cases have caused Murcia's health minister, Manuel Villegas, to criticise the lack of restraint among Spaniards in the region in...

Spain’s Andalucia registers 1,617 COVID-19 cases Friday in new post-lockdown record

Andalucia, due to being the most populous autonomous community, has the fourth lowest incidence of coronavirus (134.80 per 100,000 inhabitants)

Travel bubble setback as Benidorm records two COVID-19 outbreaks on Spain’s Costa Blanca

TWO COVID-19 outbreaks have been reported in Benidorm which has been trying hard to promote itself as a 'safe' destination for UK...

Spanish Casinos Open for Business Despite Pandemic

The healthcare crisis of 2020 has affected pretty much everyone across Europe, and Spain was no exception. Now Spanish casinos are opening their doors,...

Hundreds of prisoners forced to go into self-isolation at a jail on Spain’s Costa Blanca

400 prisoners at an Alicante Province prison have gone into self-isolation after a teacher tested positive for COVID-19. Inmates...

Benidorm wants UK government permission for a special flight to Spain’s Costa Blanca in plea to create safe ‘travel...

BENIDORM wants the UK government to green-light a charter flight to help promote the Costa Blanca resort as a safe area for...

More than 43,000 people put on ‘partial lockdown’ in Spain’s Palma de Mallorca to combat spread of COVID-19

Tomorrow, parts of Arquitecte Bennazar will face confinement, joining Son Gotleu, Can Capes, Soledat Nord and Son Canals which became 'hot zones' last week

New COVID-19 cases are halved over 24 hours across Spain’s Valencian Community

NEW confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Valencian Community have seen a dramatic fall over a 24-hour period. Wednesday evening's...

Spain sees deadliest COVID-19 day since end of lockdown

Despite the worrying numbers, health leaders, including Health Minister Salvador Illa, say the situation is 'stabilising'

Ibiza follows Spain’s Palma de Mallorca in enforcing partial ‘lockdown’ to halt COVID-19 infections

In Ibiza, the centre of San Antonio and Ibiza Town will face similar restrictions that were laid down in Mallorca from Friday

Spain adds 9,437 cases Tuesday as almost 10% of hospital beds in Spain dedicated to COVID-19

Across Spain, currently 8.5% of hospital beds are taken up by coronavirus patients, but this varies widely when broken down regionally

New daily COVID-19 case figures are way higher than March peaks on Spain’s Costa Blanca

ALICANTE PROVINCE is continuing to see an upsurge in new COVID-19 cases as daily figures continue to easily surpass those seen in...

Spain’s Andalucia clocks more than 1,000 COVID-19 cases Tuesday as Malaga sees deadliest day of summer

Malaga continues to be the worst hit province in the region, registering another 298 cases between Monday and Tuesday

Minister in Spain’s Valencian Community may be grilled over health staff safety

VALENCIAN Health Minister, Ana Barcelo, could be quizzed in court over complaints that health workers were short of personal protection gear during...

Bar and club owners protest in Spain’s Costa Blanca over fears for hospitality sector

PROTESTORS from the Costa Blanca hospitality industry demonstrated in Alicante City on Monday(September 14) against early closing hours for bars and restaurants...

More than 200 schools across Spain have registered incidents due to cases of COVID-19, with Andalucia most affected

According to data of the Autonomous Communities, Andalucia, with 34 schools affected to some degree by the pandemic, is the region with most incidents

Vega Baja town records its FIRST Covid-19 outbreak, as three more areas are hit in Spain’s Costa Blanca

DATA released by Valencia’s Ministry of Health last night, September 14,  revealed that for the first time, Benijofar, has recorded an outbreak...