A MAN has been arrested in Malaga for hugging people without their consent and breaking the lockdown rules.

The Policia Nacional detained a man who would hug anyone he came across, increasing the risk of contagion.

The arrest was made near the Maria Zambrano train and bus station, which despite the lockdown is still a very busy part of the city.

According to what El Mundo learnt from police sources, the South American man would suddenly pounce on unsuspecting passers by.

When the Policia Nacional arrived, the man resisted arrest and started lashing out and slapping them.

Subsequently once detained he was taken to the local police station to face justice.

During the lockdown people are only able to leave their homes to purchase food and pharmaceutical products, to go to health centers, work, their habitual residence and assist the elderly, minors or dependents.

The police want to remind people that: “All activities must be carried out individually, unless accompanying a person with a disability, dependents or for any justified reason.”


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