BRITISH searches for a holiday in Spain in 2021 have skyrocketed by more than 1,600%.

According to Sojern, a digital travel marketing solutions firm, travel searches for trips from the UK to Spain for January 2021 are up by 1,626% year-over-year.

Other European destinations such as France and Italy have also had a staggering increase in searches, but none come close to the Iberian country.

A spokesperson for Sojern who spoke to The Mail Online said: “While actual travel bookings are a stronger sign of consumer confidence, many consumers will search out of general interest, to check for availability and pricing and travel inspiration for their favourite destinations.

“The departure date of January 2021 is extremely far out and we usually only see a small percentage of early searches looking at regional travel this far in advance.

“We are, however, seeing an increase in early searches due to the current situation.

“Therefore, these numbers, although significant in terms of increases, are very early signs of travel intent.”

The firm believes that the tourism industry will take some time to recover, because of people’s fears due to the pandemic.

Therefore it expects people to ‘travel closer to home’ to begin with.

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