PEDRO Sanchez has announced that he will be seeking to extend the current state of alarm until May 9. 

The Spanish prime minister revealed his plans at his weekly address to the nation this evening, in which he also promised to lift some restrictions for children.

The PSOE leader vowed that from April 27, the ‘youngest’ will be allowed to leave homes under certain conditions.

“After consulting with specialists in child psychology, the Government of Spain is open to easing the confinement for younger children from April 27,” said Sanchez, “These outings will be limited and subject to conditions to avoid infections.”

He added: “”We are aware of the needs of children. There are families that live in just 40 or 50 square meters and need to oxygenate themselves after five or six weeks of confinement.

“Now, we have to study the exact conditions in which these outings will take place.”

Sanchez said the lifting of restrictions would probably apply to children up to the age of 12, but that that would be confirmed in the coming days.

More to follow…


  1. So, children are to be allowed out as from 27th April. How is that going to help combat this virus? It is a fact that children are carriers of germs and that they have a natural curiosity to touch. They cough and sneeze , the same as adults, although they are more prone NOT to cover their faces. On the rare occasion I leave my home for necessities, I am now more at risk due to this. Rules had to be adhered to during wartime, this is a war, a war against an unknown virus. Yet we still have to pander to children! Everybody has to make sacrifices during such an unknown time, so, until we have more certainty against this pandemic, let us all adhere to lockdown. That INCLUDES children.

    Location : Mallorca
  2. Let us not believe that “lockdown” was a cure or an answer to covid 19, Lockdown was/is simply a brake, an imposed slow-down of infection rates. Now the powers-that-be have learned how to deal with the fallout, they will let the infection become widespread, using the best spreaders in society – our very own little nippers, God bless ’em. It is inevitable that most of us are destined to have a visit from cousin covid. “What don’t kill us, will make us strong” We just need to face it in a controlled manner, Lockdown was/is, the only tool in our box to ensure that. But where does that leave us old codgers? Do we now bite the bullet and hope for a surfeit of respirators?

    Location : malaga

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