ANDALUCIA has seen the number of COVID-19 patients in intensive care drop by 36.52% since March 31. 

Up until yesterday, the number of coronavirus sufferers in ICUs stood at 278, down from 289 the day before and from 438 on the last day of March.

Meanwhile hospitalisations have decreased by 57.31% over the same period, with 1,156 recorded yesterday.

Although there was a slight increase on Sunday, hospitals have free beds and are now much further from collapse.

Meanwhile, Malaga has also kicked off this week with positive news, with no new deaths recorded today and just 15 new cases.

The welcome statistics should be taken with a pinch of salt however, as numbers from the weekend can suffer a delay in being counted.

What is undeniable is that the pressure on the province’s hospitals has been lifted and the picture is much more positive than eight days ago, with free beds in the ICUs and in all areas.

“We are more comfortable, but we cannot let our guard down in case there is a new wave of COVID-19 patients,” hospital sources told Diario Sur.

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