A WAREHOUSE worker in Spain had to be rescued when a fire suppression system went off, releasing a tidal wave of foam.

Fire crews in Zaragoza rushed to the scene when no sign of the man could be seen after the wall of foam swept through the warehouse and spilled out onto the street.

Foam 1
LOST: Firefighters searched for worker swamped by foam.

They were alerted at about 4 am yesterday morning (April 27). But when they arrived it was impossible for them to find the man, with visibility reduced to zero as they waded through the foam that in places was up to four metres deep.

Foam 2
ENGULFED: Lorry was nearly totally hidden when fire suppression system in warehouse was set off.

Fortunately the victim had managed to escape from the foam and find a sheltered spot from which he was able to direct firefighters, giving them directions until they reached him.

He was then taken to hospital for a precautionary check up.

As yet it is unknown what triggered the fire suppression system and it has not been disclosed what the warehouse stored.

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