TERRACES will be able to open to a 50% capacity during Phase 1 of the coronavirus deescalation plan. 

In his weekly press conference today, prime minister Pedro Sanchez announced the increase from the previously planned 30% would be compatible with health and security concerns.

The PSOE leader also clarified that up to 10 people can meet up, either in homes or on terraces, from May 11 (providing their province enters Phase 1 of the four-phase plan).

Terraces both on public streets/roads and within the property of hotels will all be allowed to open to a 50% capacity, as long as they are outside.

Phase 0, set to begin on May 4 (Monday), will see selected small businesses/stores accessible via private appointment only.

The businesses must be no larger than 400m2 and include hairdressers, bookstores, hardware stores and clothing/shoe repair shops.

People can also pick up food for take away from restaurants.

There must also be select hours for people aged over 65, which will have to coincide with their permitted walking hours.

Purchases must be made within a person’s municipality, unless the product or service is not available, in which case it would be permissible to travel to the closest town to buy it.

All establishments must be sanitised at least twice a day, once before opening and after closing. It will also be mandatory to wash uniforms daily while the use of toilets will not be permitted.

Workers cannot show symptoms of coronavirus or be in quarantine before starting work.

Hairdressers, which will have to break the advised two-metre distance, must wear personal protective equipment and masks, while clients will have to socially distance from one another.

More details about Phase 0 and Phase 1 will be detailed in the Official State Gazette (BOE) tomorrow.

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