MOTORISTS in Andalucia have been informed by the DGT that ITV stations will begin tentatively reopening to carry out periodic inspections.

Since May 11, certain centres across the community have begun reopening time slots to deal with the almost 700,000 vehicles that have seen their ITV’s expire during the country’s state of alarm.

With the exception of Malaga and Granada, who have not yet entered Phase 1 of de-escalation, all centres have been subject to drastic changes in procedure to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

According to a press release, all centres will now have perspex screens at all points of contact and will now limit the number of people present at any one time in the office and reception areas.

There will be no ‘walk-in’ appointments and all payments must be made on a debit or credit card.

During the examination, all parties will be made to wear masks and the internal part of the test will be performed by the driver under instruction of the tester.

OBD readings of emissions will also be stopped unless your vehicle is a Euro VI diesel truck.

Drivers are being asked to register a contact email or mobile number to be sent notifications of a new expiry date for their ITVs which will be designed to alleviate the backlog of vehicles currently circulating without a valid sticker.

As of this morning, the ITV booking site still shows that centres are closed, but drivers are being asked to keep visiting the site to keep informed of updates.

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