A GROUP of British expats have been arrested following a drug-fuelled brawl at a bar which ended in a brutal stabbing on the Costa del Sol. 

Six Brits were cuffed in Mijas last night after a fight between 12 people saw one man receive several stab wounds, one of them to the stomach, it has been revealed.

The victim was transferred to the Hospital Costa del Sol in Marbella where he underwent emergency surgery.

He is now in a stable condition after spending the night in ICU.

It comes just months after a Manchester man, believed to be involved in the criminal underworld, was shot and killed outside his home in Mijas.

All those involved in last night’s fight were Brits aged between 25 and 40, local reports claim, with five being released on charges.

The sixth has been transferred to a national court in Madrid after it transpired he had two extradition orders from the UK related to drug trafficking cases.

The brawl occurred at around 11pm at a bar in Torrenueva, with revellers breaking furniture and glass in the scuffle.

Half of those involved made a run for it as officers arrived to the scene.

The officers managed to cuff six, all of whom had consumed alcohol and narcotic substances.

Witnesses alerted police to the stab victim, who was laying on the ground with serious injuries.

Sources told Diario Sur the six detainees knew each other, but did not know what started the fight, blaming the mix of alcohol and drugs on the outbreak of violence.

The damage made to establishment was so severe that the owner has filed a claim for property damage.

Guardia Civil has long warned that an increase in police presence is needed in Mijas following a spike in mafia-related activity. 

The United Association of the Guardia Civil told press that ‘at least 100’ more agents were needed to make their force ‘effective’ in the area.

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