SPAIN’S central government has distributed €100 million among the autonomous communities in the fight against gender violence.

The funds, of which Andalucia will receive €15.28 million, have been distributed according to the criteria agreed upon by the Government and the communities at the Conference on Equality.

Andalucia, which will also receive three credits from the Government worth €9.5 million, is the community that will receive the most funds in 2020.

Other communities to receive funding include: Catalunya (12.83 million), Madrid (10.5 million), Valencia (8.76 million), Galicia (7.94 million) and Castile y Leon (7.43 million).

They were followed by Castilla-La Mancha (6.24 million), the Canary Islands (5.92 million), Aragon (4.65 million), Extremadura (4.61 million), the Balearic Islands (4.14 million), Murcia (3.41 million), Asturias (2.87 million), Cantabria (1.55 million), La Rioja (1.5 million) and Ceuta and Melilla (1.15 million each).

The distribution of the €100 million has taken into account the distribution of women throughout the national territory.

Experts warn that gender violence could see a rise due to coronavirus lockdown.

The funds must be allocated to the maintenance and improvement of resource networks and social services for the care of victims, with special attention to women in vulnerable situations.

The budget is also aimed to help with social and occupational integration, promote awareness and prevention campaigns as well as support services for minors and children.

The autonomous communities must present a final report on the projects or programmes promoted with the funds received for the development of the State Pact against Gender Violence before March 31, 2021.

Last year saw the number of gender violence convictions in Spain reach an all time high with 51,790 cases taken to court, of which 36,534 resulted in convictions and 15,256 in acquittals.

Unfortunately, 2020 is likely to see another raise in the numbers as experts warn that gender violence could see a rise due to coronavirus lockdown.

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