A SPANISH politician has become an internet hit – or rather the ostrich that photobombed him during a press conference has.

Miguel Angel Revilla, the President of Cantabria, was totally oblivious to the special guest that ended up stealing the show.

Ostrich 3
WHAT’S THIS?: Curious ostrich sneaked into picture.

A video showed an inquisitive ostrich standing behind the politician and looking over his shoulder. The bird looked at everything that was happening in absolute amazement.

The incident occurred when Revilla held a press conference to speak about the reopening of a zoo. However, he did not notice the bird and continued speaking.

Ostrich Post

It was only later that the politician noticed the inquisitive bird. Proving he has a sense of humour, Revilla posted on social media an image of the incident together with one of Homer Simpson in an uncannily similar situation.

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