IN the first tourism meeting in Nerja since the state of alarm came into force, Town Hall bosses have pledged their commitment to reviving the area’s tourist industry.

The focus of these plans involves utilising the stunning scenery that the municipality has on its doorstep.

The meeting was held with members of all political parties, plus representatives of the Nerja Business Association (AEN) and the Hotel Association of the Costa del Sol (AEHCOS).

In the official press release, the focus of the meeting was to create a plan to promote ‘nature tourism’ in the area.

The local council plan to implement a number of hiking trails throughout the picturesque hillsides that surround the Nerj and Maro area, as well as focusing their attention on the regions stunning beaches.

In an apparent attempt to reassure the public on its vision for the area, the Government’s idea is to promote a scenario in which tourists can visit the area and enjoy the unique scenery, away from the crowds and free from COVID-19.

A visitors centre is also planned in the Cerro Gordo area of Maro, a proposal that will take ‘priority’ according to Nerja mayor, Jose Alberto Armijo.

To coincide with the current plans, the council also decided on the early stages of a promotion campaign plus laying out the groundwork for a Municipal Shock Plan.

The Municipal Shock Plan involves the rescheduling of a number of celebrations including Virgen de las Maravillas festival as well as preventative measures against the spread of COVID-19 such as stopping bathing in the nearby Chillar River.

Armijo’s plans to take advantage of the areas beauty seemingly goes against the controversial plans by Larios Azucares SA that would mean the development of vast areas of Nerja-Maro coastline.

Under the guise of new urban planning laws, the Larios conglomerate is ploughing €311 million into constructing an 18-hole golf course, luxury hotel and 700 high end homes around the Maro area of Nerja.

The Government’s apparent public commitment to the natural preservation of the area also closely follows the announcement by councillor for urban planning.

Nieves Atencia said that the Larios’ development of the area is still very much ‘under discussion.’

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