THE search for the monster crocodile spotted in Castilla y Leon has been called off.

The Guardia Civil started the search for the giant reptile near the city of Valladolid on Saturday, after hearing about it from the Policia Local.

According to the agents, last Friday afternoon a group of teenagers saw an animal that looked like a crocodile in the Duero River between the towns of Simancas and Tordesillas.

A police officer went to the scene on Saturday morning and also claimed to have seen the animal.

After a few days of investigation the Guardia Civil discovered animal remains on the riverside.

Experts however believe they belonged to another species, perhaps an otter.

‘The remains seem to suggest that humans could also be linked’, although there is also a suggestion that it could be a reptile’s nest.

The rest of the clues, according to experts, were not ‘conclusive and it cannot be said which species they belong to.’

The specialists who completed the investigation on Tuesday said it was common to mistake an otter for a crocodile because ‘they both move in the water in a similar way.’

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