KING Felipe has embarked on a tour of Spain in order to promote the new normality and encourage tourists to visit.

Felipe VI along with his wife Letizia had their first stop in the Canary Islands yesterday, where they talked with people, while observing social distancing.

The 30° heat didn’t stop the Royals from walking along the paseo and the beach, interacting with residents.

“It is nice to see a little atmosphere on the beach now,” said Felipe VI.

The official objective of this tour of the country is ‘to promote the most characteristic activities of each region in all sectors, economic, social and cultural.’

In addition, the Royal couple want to thank and recognise in person the effort that all of Spanish society made to overcome the pandemic.

“We promote the message that we can now travel throughout the country,” said the King.

“We have to lift our spirits and with the necessary measures, along with European solidarity, begin to restore the country to its former glory.

“We are recovering, people have to be encouraged, visitors have to come. 

“We are already on the move, recovering our spirits, facing a very steep uphill battle to begin to see a real recovery in the economy, social needs and expectations for the future.”

This comes after the monarch made an appeal to international tourists to visit Spain earlier this month via a video conference.

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