GOVERNMENT figures have revealed that 70% of the world is still restricting Spanish citizens entering other countries.

Measures range from outright bans on entry to strict guidelines and safety procedures.

The revelation came this morning in data released by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In total, 135 countries out of 195 have imposed restrictions on Spaniards wanting to enter.

Of these, many are neighbouring European countries including Italy, Portugal, Denmark, the UK and Greece.

Countries such as Malta, Romania and Slovakia have completely closed their borders to Spain, and suspended air and sea communications.

Others, such as the UK, Ireland, Finland and Hungary have imposed quarantines varying in length from 14-18 days.

Many, including Italy, Greece, Poland, Croatia and Cyprus have basic measures in place such as sanitary steps on arrival and require special documentation to permit entrance.

Portugal is among the countries with existing border closures in place for Spanish citizens.

Their respective governments negotiated a deal to conduct a joint opening of borders on July 1.

The US is currently also maintaining a ban on Spanish travellers.

The worldwide measures have come into place after Spain became one of the worst-hit nations of the coronavirus pandemic.

In total, 28,327 deaths have been officially recorded, with 294,000 cases confirmed, the sixth-highest in the world.

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