A BRITISH couple have been left ‘devastated’ after yobs uploaded pictures of themselves squatting and vandalising their dream home in Spain. 

Beverley and Steve Morris, both 65, are ‘heartbroken’ after seeing a group of lads drinking and smoking in their Costa del Sol apartment, with their walls covered in paint. 

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‘SHOCKING’: Local lads trash British couple’s home and post pictures and videos online

The Hertfordshire couple were alerted to the images, uploaded to Instagram and Snapchat, by the daughter of the gardener of the community, in the seaside resort of Estepona. 

“We were absolutely shocked, we just could not believe it,” Beverley, a retired NHS counsellor, told the Olive Press, “we were disgusted and sickened that they had been in our house and slept in our beds.

“You can see them smoking and drinking in the pictures and they have written in paint all over the walls.”

The couple, who have had the home for over 30 years, asked their cleaner to assess the damage as they have yet to be able to fly out due to the coronavirus travel restrictions. 

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‘DISGUSTED’: The group are all smiles while drinking and ransacking the property

The boys, believed to be local teens, stole two TVs and took the store room door off of its hinges to access a safe. 

“The damages run into the thousands,” added mother-of-two Beverley, “they took jewellery I had bought from Gibraltar from the safe and painted over some very expensive new tables we had just bought.”

The group also stole items from the kitchen and trashed most of the furniture.

The retiree couple said they are now fearful to return to the property.

“That’s our little haven and it feels like it has been ruined now,” Beverley said, “we will have to get new beds and new towels, they completely trashed the place.” 

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TRASHED: Boy poses for a pic while smoking in front of a wall he has tagged in paint

The couple have informed police and an investigation is ongoing, but no arrests have been made. 

“It’s quite frustrating,” added Beverley, “you can see their faces clearly in the pictures and we even have some of their names and an address for one, I’m not sure what else the police need.” 

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Almost every wall was covered in paint, as were all the mirrors

The group covered almost every wall and mirror in paint, making the clean up job that much harder.

Beverly and Steve are flying over to Spain in July to take stock of what was stolen and make a full report to the authorities.


  1. What “local lads” is this pasquinade talking about? MDLR is french for “chicos de la calle”. Probably a moroccan gang. Local lads have to live along with moroccan and british criminals and drunkards every phucking year…

    Location : Marbella

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