AN Olive Press reporter who was trapped in the UK for months due to the coronavirus pandemic has finally managed to return to Spain.

Dimitris Kouimtsidis, from London had been trapped in the UK since mid-March, when his flight back to Malaga had been cancelled due to the virus.

After two cancelled flights and one occasion where he was refused boarding by British Airways, the 23-year-old has made it back to the Costa del Sol.

Dimitris Travelling
HAPPY: Dimitris pleased to be returning home

News reporter Dimitris boarded a 6:50am Ryanair flight from London Luton to Malaga on Saturday July 4.

Dimitris said: “Luton Airport was a lot busier than expected, with numerous flights going out to all sorts of European destinations, now that some countries around the continent have opened the borders.

“Most travellers were wearing face masks, apart from a select few, who were surprisingly not told off by any airport personnel.

Queue Outside Boots
POPULAR: People were queuing up waiting for Boots to open at 6am

“Apart from the face masks, the only other thing out of the ordinary was the lack of shops being open, with people queuing up outside both WHSmith and Boots.

“The flight was 90% full, with all middle seats occupied, despite talk of keeping the middle seats open in order to maintain social distancing.

“Upon arrival into Malaga Airport, all tourists had their temperature taken and handed in the form they had to fill out with their contact details.

Checks Malaga Airport
CHECKS: Malaga airport staff screening arrivals

“It was all very smooth and simple, the only things we had to fill out was our contact details, along with the address of where we’d be staying and the details of our travel companions.”

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