A BRITISH expat has been arrested after firing a round of shots at his best friend’s car.

It all started when the friend became suspicious of his own wife and so began tracking her mobile phone. 

One day last week, he tracked her to a hotel in Marbella and saw the vehicle of the British 29-year-old. 

Putting two and two together, he called the wife of the Brit to let her know what he had found. 

The furious woman came to the hotel and, once realising what was happening in one of the rooms, began smashing up the Brit’s car.

The Briton wanted to make his pal pay for ‘snitching’ – despite having had an affair with said pal’s wife – and so rode a motorcycle to his friend’s car and fired several shots at the body. 

The shots rang out throughout Marbella on July 8.

There were several calls to police at around 9am warning of the use of a firearm on public roads. 

The Brit would be arrested by Policia Nacional just a few hours later.

He is being charged with the illegal possession of weapons and criminal damage. 

After the arrest, police managed to recover the pistol, a 7.65 mm handgun. 

The suspect told officers the shooting was meant to intimidate a friend in retaliation for telling his partner about an affair. 

The Brit is now being probed by a Marbella investigative judge.

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