TWO people were seriously injured after an explosion at a Cartagena city centre petrol station this morning(July 14), with one worker suffering 90 per cent burns.

The blast happened at the Repsol outlet on Plaza de España shortly after 11.30am.

Two specialists from Madrid were carrying out maintenance on an underground fuel tank when they were hit by the explosion.

One of them was actually inside the tank, with speculation that the explosion was caused by an electrical spark from one of the walkie-talkie radios used by the duo.

A 29-year-old worker is said to have suffered 90 per cent burns, whilst his 40-year-old colleague received 20 per cent burns.

Both were taken on a 50 kilometre journey to the burns unit at Murcia City´s La Arrixaca hospital.

Other people were treated for shock at the scene and some were admitted to Cartagena´s Santa Lucia hospital after suffering smoke inhalation and minor injuries.

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