A HOLLYWOOD-style police chase has ended with two foreign tourists arrested in Marbella. 

The young Belgian driver and English passenger were cuffed after driving their Volkswagen Golf the wrong way and along pavements in a bizarre and dangerous stunt last week.

In a video of the arrest shared online, six police officers can be seen having to hold down just one of the men. Meanwhile their female passenger is also being cuffed before being taken to the station.

The chaos began at 8.45pm last Thursday when a patrolling Policia Nacional car suddenly saw the vehicle turn around on Avenida Ricardo Soriano and start driving at high speed in the wrong direction. 

Cops gave chase as the Brit and Belgian flew over several pedestrian crossings and mounted the pavements.

Police managed to block the car on a service road to the La Cañada shopping centre.

The driver then shifted into reverse in a bid to ram into officers behind him, forcing them to draw their weapons. 

Police managed to open the car door and drag the driver out. 

He and the British passenger violently resisted arrest. The 24-year-old Brit, from England, punched one officer. 

There was also a young woman in the car who was taken to the police station for identification but was not arrested. 

The Belgian, 27,  is charged with reckless driving and resisting arrest while the Brit is charged for attacking a police officer and resisting arrest. 

The driver did not test positive for alcohol or drugs and his documentation was inorder. 

He does have several different identities and a police record, but there is no current investigation against him.

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