A waitress at a Valencia City fast food restaurant suffered a bloody nose after being attacked by a customer who refused to wear a mask.

The 42-year-old assailant was queuing inside the premises in the Avenida del Puerto area of the city last Saturday night (July 11), before he lost his temper and ran away.

He was caught outside and restrained by restaurant staff and customers.

Valencia Policia Local intervened when they spotted the man lying on the ground surrounded by several people that had chased him down.

He was arrested and charged with assaulting the female staff member.

She told police that she had asked the man and his partner to put on their masks as they were indoors, but the couple refused to listen to her pleas.

The woman started to shout and threatened to start coughing all over the restaurant before she walked out.

The man banged his fist on the counter and then got hold of the protective screen and threw it in the waitress´s face which caused an injury to her nose.

He ran off but her colleagues and customers chased him down before police arrived and detained him.

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