A BRITISH drug dealer has been released on bail after being caught selling cocaine and laughing gas via Whatsapp in Ibiza. 

The 25-year-old is being probed for crimes against public health after being cuffed in the north west area of the island in Cala de Bou.

The Brit was stopped in his car before a search revealed 24 bottles of nitrous oxide (laughing gas), 12 grams of cocaine and another bag filled with a pinkish powder which has yet to be identified. 

Officers also found more than 200 business cards containing the phone number he used to sell the drugs and bundles of cash.

Brit Dealer Ibiza
NO LAUGHING MATTER: Cocaine, cash and laughing gas among items seized from young Brit’s car

The phone was part of a Whatsapp group which collected drug orders. 

The Brit offered a delivery service, taking the narcotics directly to the users’ accommodation or home. 

Police said the service was mainly aimed at young British tourists spending their summer on the island. 

Across the two Whatsapp groups, police found on offer 32 types of marijuana, mushrooms, laughing gas, cocaine and ketamine. 

There were more than 400 members in the groups, with most of the deliveries taking place in party hotspot of Sant Antoni.

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