FIFTY people gathered to protest wearing masks in Plaza de Marina in Malaga.

The anti-mask protest ended with 32 people being fined for not wearing face masks or taking any social distancing protocols, a rule that has been mandatory since July 15. 

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LIFE YES 5G NO: The protesters tried to incite rebellion against mas wearing

The Policia Local were made aware of the situation after they were informed by onlookers that there was a group of protesters in the plaza not wearing masks trying to incite rebellion against the new regulation.

The protesters had signs and were using megaphones to try to encourage pedestrians to join them, claiming that the government’s new regulation of making face masks mandatory is illegal.

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WAKE UP!: Banners and signs were put up, protesting the new mandatory mask regulations

Their signs also made reference to 5G, forced vaccinations, and told people to ‘wake up,’ and that its a ‘fake pandemic, turn off your TVs’.

Three of the protesters were given further fines for ‘unauthorized summons,’ as they were identified as the ones using the megaphones to chant anti-mask slogans to the general public, according to El Sur.

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DONT BELIEVE IT INVESTIGATE: Protesters claim masks are harmful to health

An attendee of the protest told El Sur, ‘it wasn’t a demonstration, it was only a gathering of friends and you don’t need permission for that.’  He claimed that ‘international doctors have publicly said that wearing a mask is harmful to health,’ which is why they were refusing to do so.

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