The Junta has announced, after meetings today, that they will be setting severe restrictions on nightlife.

One of the new regulations will force nightclubs to register all their customers, either beforehand when they book or on the door, with their identity and contact details.

They have also reduced the maximum occupancy on tables within the nightclubs, from 25 to 12, in addition to banning them from selling and allowing people to consume alcohol at the bar.

Bars have to close before 3:00 and their indoor occupancy has been lowered back to 60% from 75%, according to the Minister of Presidency and government spokesman, Elias Bendodo. 

Dancing in nightclubs remains forbidden as well, and closing times being cut back to 5:00 from 7:00. 

Botellones have been completely banned, as it is considered one of the main reasons for outbreaks in the region. Depending on the severity of the rule-breaking, fines can reach up to 600,000 euros, said the Minister of Health.

These measures will be reevaluated on August 13, and then again in the 27, but Bendodo warned more rules can be put in place ‘at any time’.

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