LIKE so much in our lives, our digestion is unique to us.

Your food history and your personal body chemistry mean that the way your body reacts to specific foods is completely unique.

But if you don’t know which foods your body loves, and which it struggles to tolerate then you could have uncomfortable and unnecessary symptoms.

New to Spain
Lisa Manley Cahill, the Digestive Health Expert at Bodyworks in Marbella, has spent her recent enforced ‘free’ time campaigning on your behalf.

Lisa Manley Cahill

She said: “When I was practising in the UK and Ireland we had access to a brilliant, simple food intolerance test from the York Test Laboratory. I found the results made a real impact on my patients’ lives and symptoms. Now I have arranged for this test to be available to my patients here in Spain – I’m so excited!”

Over 200 food types
Traditionally food intolerances were managed with an exclusion diet – you cut out pretty much everything we assume can trigger a reaction for a few weeks. Then gradually reintroduce certain trigger foods in a controlled way, documenting symptoms daily.

This process could take months! And it was a LOT of work every day.
Lisa explains why she uses the York Test instead.

She said: “Most of my patients lead busy lives and don’t have time for the extensive cooking and documentation that an elimination diet requires, especially over a period of months. With this test we do a simple blood test, combined with a detailed history and then, we get clear, easy to follow results which we work together to turn into a simple, comprehensive and practical plan. Same results but in weeks not months.”

Even better, Lisa has arranged a special introductory offer to celebrate the launch of this test in Spain! Details at

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