SOME 1,500 items of counterfeit clothing and mobile phone accessories were seized in Lorca, Águilas and Totana – a town that is still in a Covid-19 lockdown.

Sources believe the fake goods were bound for the popular coastal markets in Murcia and Alicante regions.

Fake Goods
SEIZED: 1500 Counterfeit items of clothing and mobile phone accessories

The Guardia Civil had been observing four shopkeepers for some time, when a swoop operation exposed fake sportswear clothing, bags, caps, sports shoes and mobile-phone accessories.

Agents identified most of the poor quality goods as counterfeit thanks to lack of original labelling or packaging.

The hundreds of mobile phone covers lacked the mandatory brand license to facilitate a legal sale.

Once all the evidence had been gathered, the four shopkeepers were prosecuted as alleged perpetrators of crime against industrial property.

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