TWO men have been arrested after a chaotic fight erupted at a chiringuito in the El Palo area of Malaga.

The incident occurred at the Restaurante El Zagal late on Sunday evening as the restaurant was at its busiest.

An argument began after two Spanish men of Moroccan origin entered the bar and sat down without wearing t-shirts.

After one of the waiting staff asked them to put on a shirt to comply with the restaurant’s dress code, one of the men became aggressive, wielding a table knife and throwing insults at the waiter. 

It was then when the men became violent and began attacking the staff with the younger of the men pushing chairs out of the way before lunging at workers.

As onlookers watched in horror, the fight escalated and in video footage of the event, tables and chairs can be seen being hurled in the air as well as punches and kicks thrown between the staff and the perpetrators.

In the video, one man can be seen with his hand behind his back, concealing the table knife.

Policia Local arrived at the scene to find furniture strewn across the road and cutlery and glasses littering the beach. 

By the time support had arrived, the fight had de-escalated and both parties were nursing their wounds, with numerous staff members receiving cuts and bruises.

Officers arrested members of both parties to take statements, and according to sources consulted by Diario Sur newspaper, the diners remained violent in police custody, threatening officers and breaking a glass door inside the police vehicle.

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