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SUNBED WARS: Hot-heads on Costa del Sol

A LEADING Costa del Sol hotel has hired a bouncer to prevent Brits and other tourists from fighting over sunbeds.  Sunset Beach Club, a four-star...

Two men in Spain’s Valladolid arrested after argument over queue for children’s swings turns violent

THE POLICE had to be called to a park in the northern Spanish city of Valladolid on Wednesday night, after two fathers got into...

UPDATED: 33 years-old English-Man arrested in relation to TOWIE star Elliott Wright’s employee death

An Englishman has been arrested in Marbella in relation to the fight at TOWIE star Elliott Wright´s Mijas restaurant that led to the death...

Irish man stabs fellow tourist in Benidorm holiday apartments on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A FIGHT involving two Irish holidaymakers staying in a Benidorm tourist apartment ended up with one of them being stabbed and requiring hospital treatment. The...

Palma fist fight between two Romanians ends with one man stabbed and another falling from third-floor balcony

A trivial argument between two Romanian men ended with one being stabbed and the other falling from a third-floor balcony last night. Paramedics spent 30...

Familes in drunken brawl over loud music at Holy Communion celebration in Spain’s Valencia area

EIGHT police patrols rushed to a Gandia restaurant on Sunday after a mass fight broke out over the music being too loud. Two families from...

Brutal revenge gang attack as shop gets trashed in Mallorca tourist spot in Spain

FIVE men have been arrested after a fight spilled over into a Paseo Maritimo shop in Palma. One man was struck all over his body...

Nine arrests in Gibraltar after warfare breaks out between rival gangs

A STREET brawl that broke out on Saturday evening between rival gangs has led to the arrest of nine people, including a minor, and...

WATCH: Huge brawl erupts at popular chiringuito over men refusing to wear t-shirts on Spain’s Costa del Sol

After one of the waiting staff asked them to put on a shirt to comply with the restaurant's dress code, one of the men became aggressive, wielding a table knife and throwing insults at the waiter

Three women end up in hospital after fight broke out in Zara fitting room in Spain

THREE women have ended up in hospital, after a fight took place in a Zara fitting room in Galicia.

Man detained after allegedly punching and pulling hair of partner in front of their eight-year-old son

The older son, who was in his room, came out after hearing the screams and blows and managed to convince his father to leave.

WATCH: Family attacks man at checkout of Supersol on Spain’s Costa del Sol screaming ‘we will kill you’ as...

The alleged aggressor began throwing punches over what seemed to be a pre-existing feud

Three arrested after disfiguring the face of man they mistook to be someone else on Spain’s Costa del Sol

THREE men have been arrested after they mistook a man for someone else and beat him so bad his face was disfigured.  The victim was...

Two rowdy men arrested after heated scrap on flight from Spain’s Mallorca to Dublin

When they landed at Dublin Airport a fight broke out between them, at the bottom steps of the plane.

WATCH: ‘Woman not wearing shoes’ sparks bloody brawl on Ryanair flight from UK to Spain

A picture showed blood on one of one of the plane’s overhead lockers before the flight set off back from Tenerife

PICTURED: Scot killed on Costa Blanca stag do named, as police hunt two British tourists

It is believed the 33-year-old, described by a mate as ‘a laugh a minute,’ travelled to Spain as part of a stag party

BREAKING: British tourist killed in ‘fight between holidaymakers’ in Benidorm

Police have launched an ongoing investigation and an autopsy is set to be held later today

‘ABSOLUTE CHAOS’: Ryanair flight from Glasgow to Malaga diverted after violent ‘hen party brawl’

Things allegedly got so violent cabin crew had to ask passengers for help

WATCH: Two fuming drivers stop cars to BRAWL among traffic on Marbella’s Golden Mile

One of the men falls to the ground several times after receiving repeated blows to his face

WATCH: Violent fight breaks out between PARENTS at children’s football match while kids watch on sobbing in southern Spain

The shocking video shows sobbing children getting caught in the middle

WATCH: Savage seven-on-one fight outside Spanish nightclub

Police have launched an investigation

Bullfighter still fighting despite gored testicle

A bull stabbed Marco Galan in the groin which led to an ‘eviscerated testicle’ and profuse bleeding

Uber to halt services in Spain despite vows to fight court order

The company has decided to obey judge's orders

VIDEO: Mickey and Minnie Mouse involved in Madrid brawl

Street performers dressed as Disney's most lovable mice were arrested after fighting with a heckler

Messi accused of verbal assault by Malaga’s Weligton

Malaga centre-back Weligton says Lionel Messi verbally provoked him before he grabbed the Argentine's throat




Pedro Ximenez sherry produced from a grape in Spain’s Andalucia is in line to be crowned a piece of...

PEDRO Ximenez wines, produced from a grape grown in the Andalucian municipality of Montilla, are in line to be named an Intangible Cultural Heritage...


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