FIVE men have been arrested after a fight spilled over into a Paseo Maritimo shop in Palma.

One man was struck all over his body with cans and bottles from the store and was held down so that members of the group could punch him in the face.

The violence occurred on November 28.

Policia Nacional image

The Policia Nacional arrested two of the group of Spaniards almost immediately and detained the rest during the last week.

One of those brought in was the victim who ignited the violence in a bar by striking one of the group in the head and injuring him.

He fled the premises and tried to take refuge in the shop but the group cornered him there to get revenge for the initial assault.

Several passers-by tried to stop the beating without success and called the police.

All five men, aged 23 to 30, have been charged with causing injury, and four of them with causing damage to the store.


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