EIGHT police patrols rushed to a Gandia restaurant on Sunday after a mass fight broke out over the music being too loud.

Two families from Xeresa had been celebrating the first Holy Communion for their children at the San Marcos banqueting hall.

The celebrations had been in full swing for some hours when matters took an ugly twist at around 8.00 pm.

Fuelled by alcohol, an argument over music volume levels escalated into all-out violence.

Other attendees watched in shock as the traditional banquet celebration turned into a brawl between the two families.

One person suffered head and neck injuries after a glass was smashed on top of his head.

The assailant was arrested by the Policia Nacional.

A large contingent of officers was needed to break up the warring factions who pushed a pregnant woman to the ground.

A child was also struck resulting in a bleeding nose.

Six people were injured in the fracas with the man struck by the glass requiring stitches at the Francesc de Borja Hospital in Gandia.


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